​Unvented cylinders.

​Do you find that your hot water lacks pressure or takes a while to fill a bath?, Fed up of electric showers with low pressure but can't afford to pay out for a new boiler? Then the fitment of a new unvented cylinder is the answer to this issue. On average  each electric shower in your home will cost you £100 a year to run, also they have a short gaurantee life span of two years. Unvented cylinders use less than half the power of electric showers giving you a good saving of over (£50 a year per shower). They also come with a 25 year gaurantee as standard and can give you that powerful shower you've always dreamed of. Call us for a free quotation.

We offer a prompt, friendly and efficient service at competitive prices. There are many things to take into account when upgrading your heating system and boiler. However, we do all the hard work for you and we are renowned for liaising effectively with every customer so that we can personalise your heating to suit your needs from endless hot water to power showers.

Corrosion in boiler

Oil boilers.

We also service, install and maintain oil fired boilers. Even though there are a lot of different oil boiler manufactures out there, the technology in oil boilers hasn't changed a massive amount. This means we can diagnose faults on a wide range of oil fired boilers. Oil burners from time to time will need resetting, the cause may be because of low oil levels or dirt in the oil line. Call us now to find out more about resetting your appliance. Please call us before attempting to do so , often more damage is done unknowingly by customers. 

Filter picking up corrosion 

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Heating Services 

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Corrosion is the most common reason for this. We fit filters as standard to stop this problem occurring. (see photo to the right)

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Does your heating take a while to reach temperature?

Gas appliances 

We service, maintain and install a wide range of natural gas appliances. From Cookers, Water heater to boilers. Weather your a home owner or a landlord, gas appliances should be checked yearly since installed. Carbon monoxide is a odourless and invisible gas which is released into the air when fuel is burnt. If appliances are not regularly maintained carbon monoxide levels can increase to dangerous levels. Early signs of carbon monoxide poisoning are fatigue and headaches when gas appliances are being used, most common cases are with gas fires. For a free quotation on a safety check for your home call us now.